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The value of mulch

In hot, dry weather, mulch protects the roots and prevents evaporation. In cold, frosty weather it protects the roots from the cold.It also helps to suppress weed growth as prevents soil erosion. The layer of mulch should be at least 7

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Frost Protection using Veld Grass

At the beginning of winter cover the trunk of your young tree with a bundle of veld grass and tie securely. This will protect your tree from frost damage. It’s not necessary to protect the branches as if they are

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The Language of flowers

The language of flowers dates back to the early Chinese Dynasties and was brought to Europe by the King of Sweden in 1714. Queen Victoria’s fascination with the language of flowers in 1847 prompted her to spread the word throughout

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Love Charms made from SA plants

Acacia caffra – roots are a love charm. Aptemia cordata Asparagus virgatus – Love charm and a protective charm. Burchellia bubalina roots. Combretum erythrophyllum roots are an aphrodisiac and the bark aids fertility. Cyrtanthus breviflorus – love charm and has

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The meaning of flower colours

Red flowers send a clear message of love and passion while orange flowers offer happiness and joy. Pink flowers combine innocence, playfulness and sensitivity. Yellow flowers represent friendship, trust, compassion and respect and blue flowers have a calming effect and

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Butterfly Tree

If you want to see butterflies in your garden, plant their favourite trees, shrubs and groundcovers. A Buddleja saligna has beautiful white flowers that attract butterflies, Interestingly, Winston Churchill used to buy butterflies for his garden at Chartwell in the

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