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Winter tree pruning tips

Trees need to be pruned to protect against falling branches. If the trees have grown so tall that they are closes to overhead power lines, DO NOT be tempted to prune them. Call your service provider to do the job.

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Using baby powder in the garden.

1. Hares and beetles don’t like walking on powder so sprinkle the perimeter of your garden beds. 2. Protect the roots from root rot by sprinkling them before planting. 3. Sprinkle on leaves to prevent beetles and worms from eating

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Vinegar in the garden

1. Mix half a cup of vinegar, quarter cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon syrup and 1 cup of water. Place in containers to attract flies which then drown in the liquid. 2. Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and

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Tall indigenous trees

TALL TREES   Acacia sieberiana – large and fast, deciduous Acacia xanthophloea –large and fast, deciduous Acacia galpinii and Acacia karoo – up to 10m   Celtis Africana – white stinkwood – deciduous- up to 25m   Harpephyllum caffrum – 

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The Hidden Life of Trees

I’ve just finished listening to a fascinating Audible book. The Hidden Life of Trees, what they feel, How they communicate – discoveries from a secret world. By Peter Wohlleben. ” How do trees live? Do they feel pain or have

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