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Top 5 Tips to create a courtyard garden

1. Keep it simple. If space is limited use cool colours like blue, green, grey and white. 2. Trelllis, mirrors and garden art add interest and create depth. 3. A water feature adds interest and creates peace and tranquility. 4.

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Garden ideas for small spaces

1. Illusion is a trick that works well. Put up a mirror that makes the garden look twice it’s size. 2. A group of grasses creates the illusion of a meadow. It also creates movement and shadows. 3. Strong lines

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Top 5 pruning tips

1. Don’t prune more than you need to. 2. Prune when the tree is not actively growing. So winter would be best. 3. Remember when one is pruning that the reason that we prune is to encourage new growth and

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