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Sansevieria pearsonii

Elephant toothpick
Plant Type:

General Size: small

Flowering Time: summer

Flowering Colour: white

Specifications: container plants


Sansevieria pearsonii Elephant toothpick
This is an evergreen succulent plant with leaves that are stiff, erect and cylindrical up to 1,5m long, with dark green vertical stripes. They end in a sharp point. The flowers are white or tinged pinky blue and are produced in a spray up to 1m long. They open at night. The plant spreads by creeping and is happy in dry, sandy areas. They are useful as accent plants in a dry area and look good planted near rocks and Aloes. rope is made from this plant. The discoverer of the Sansevieria, Vincenzo Petanga wanted this plant named after Pietro Antonio Sansevierino (1724-1771) who established a garden of rare and exotic plants in the south of Italy but Carl Thunberg named it after Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771) an Italian nobleman, inventor, soldier, writer and scientist.