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Water for the birds

Having birds visit your garden is a joy. Do provide them with a birdbath or a water feature in which then can bath and drink and keep the pump set on slow. It’s fun to keep a list of the

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Indigenous plants for Rooftop Gardens

There are many advantages of green roofs other than just looking good. They help to stop the rain gushing down and therefor stop storm water runoff as well as keeping the building cooler indoors. The benefit to humans and animals

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Evergreen trees for a bird garden

To attract birds ,fruit, nectar and nesting Apodytes dimidiata – White Pear Burchellia bubalina – Wild Pomegranate Calpurnia aurea  –  Wild Laburnum Carissa macrocarpa – Big Num Num Diospyros whyteana – Bladder Nut Dodonaea angustifolia – Sand Olive Duvernoia aconitifolia – Lemon Pistol Bush Grewia occidentalis – Crossberry

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