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Glenferness, Midrand

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Indigenous Climbers

Climbers that twine themselves Cyphostemma lanigerum – Wild Grape Clematis bracteata – Traveller’s Joy Senecio macroglossus – Flowing Ivy Thunbergia alata – Black Eye Susan Jasminum angulare – Wild Jasminum Jasminum multipartitum – Starry Wild Jasmine Climbers that scamper up

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Courtyard Gardens.

Court Yard Gardens STEP 1: Keep it simple. Consider the style of furniture, number of chairs and shape of the table to best fit the space, without making it look cluttered. Carry a theme right the way through. STEP 2:

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Butterfly “puddler”

To encourage butterflies we need to plant host plants that will proving nutritious leaves for the caterpillars, their favourite nectar plants and a place for them to drink fresh water. This can be made in a shallow dish or an

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Butterfly food table

Place a large shallow dish in a secluded area of the garden. This is the butterfly feeder. Place your over ripe fruit, especially bananas, onto the feeder and your butterflies will be delighted.

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Evergreen Trees for Butterflies

Acocanthera oppositifolia – Bushman’s Poison Bauhinia galpinii – Pride Of De Kaap Bauhinia natalensis – Natal Bauhinia Buddleja auriculata – Weeping Sage Buddleja saligna  –   False Olive Buddleja salvifolia – Sagewood Combretum molle – Velvet Bushwillow Dodonaea angustifolia – Sand Olive Euclea crispa – Blue Guarri Euclea natalensis – Natal

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