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Aphid spray made from Basil.

This spray is effective against aphids. Bring 4 cups of water to the boil and add 1 cup of fresh basil leaves. Bring to the boil again and then leave to steep with the lid on. When cold, strain and

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Evergreen trees for a bird garden

To attract birds ,fruit, nectar and nesting Apodytes dimidiata – White Pear Burchellia bubalina – Wild Pomegranate Calpurnia aurea  –  Wild Laburnum Carissa macrocarpa – Big Num Num Diospyros whyteana – Bladder Nut Dodonaea angustifolia – Sand Olive Duvernoia aconitifolia – Lemon Pistol Bush Grewia occidentalis – Crossberry

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Evergreen Trees for Butterflies

Acocanthera oppositifolia – Bushman’s Poison Bauhinia galpinii – Pride Of De Kaap Bauhinia natalensis – Natal Bauhinia Buddleja auriculata – Weeping Sage Buddleja saligna  –   False Olive Buddleja salvifolia – Sagewood Combretum molle – Velvet Bushwillow Dodonaea angustifolia – Sand Olive Euclea crispa – Blue Guarri Euclea natalensis – Natal

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