102 Dunmaglass Road
Glenferness, Midrand

Contact Details

Cell - 082 824 6715
Telkom - 011 465 8857

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 4.30pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 4.30pm

Choosing plants for the shade garden

When choosing plants for the shade garden, look carefully at aspects like texture and leaf colour. Many of the Plectranthus have interesting, textured leaves which are also fragrant and the Crassula family have glossy leaves and many are interesting shapes.

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Indigenous Climbers

Climbers that twine themselves Cyphostemma lanigerum – Wild Grape Clematis bracteata – Traveller’s Joy Senecio macroglossus – Flowing Ivy Thunbergia alata – Black Eye Susan Jasminum angulare – Wild Jasminum Jasminum multipartitum – Starry Wild Jasmine Climbers that scamper up

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Retaining wall in the shade

Retaining Wall – ShadeAptenia cordata – Brak VygieAsystasia gangetica – Creeping FoxgloveChlorophytum – Gold NuggetChlorophytum bowkeri – Bowker’s ChlorophytumChlorophytum comosum ‘vittatum’ – Hen & ChicksChlorophytum modestum – Dwarf ChlorophytumCineraria saxifragra – Wild CinerariaCrassula capitella – Camp FireCrassula ernestii – Crassula

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Fragrant Plants

Acacia ataxacantha Flame Thorn Acacia eriloba Camel Thorn Acacia galpinii Monkey Thorn Acacia karroo Sweet Thorn Acacia sieberiana Paperbark Acacia tortilis Umbrella Thorn Acacia xanthophloea Fever Tree Acocanthera oppositifolia Bushman Poison Albizia adianthifolia Flat Crown Apodytes dimidiate White Pear Asystasia gangetica Creeping Fox Glove Buddleja auriculata Weeping Sage Buddleja saligna False Olive Buddleja

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Bulbous Plants

Agapanthus inapertus – Drooping Agapanthus (Flowers in Jan to Mar) Albuca nelsonii – Candelabrum Lily (Flowers in Sep to Dec) Albuca tortulosa – (Flowers in Oct) Ammocharis coranica – Ground Lily (Flowers in Oct to Jan)) Aristea ecklonii – Blue

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Day of Pink

What is the Day of Pink? April 11, 2018 marks the International Day of Pink. It is a day where communities across the country, and across the world, can unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny,

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