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Glenferness, Midrand

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Hedging a thorny barrier

Hedging – Thorny Barrier Evergreen Shrubs Aloe arborescens Aloe ferox Aloe globuligemma Aloe marlothii Evergreen Trees Carissa macrocarpa Carissa bispinosa Cariss edulis Cassinopsis ilicifolia Dovyalis caffra Dovyalis rhamnoides Gymnosporia heterophylla Phoenix reclinata Scutia myrtina Deciduous trees Acacia abyssinica Acacia ataxacantha

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Caring for your new garden

 Keep all exposed soil well mulched to minimize water and nutrient loss by the sun. The mulch (3-5cm of leaves, dried grass cuttings and soft plant material) eventually turns into compost as an added bonus.  Do not till

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Slugs and snails

Most gardeners do not like them as they eat plants, however they do also eat dead matter and help to recycle nitrogen. A non toxic way to “poison” them is to put out saucers of beer as they drown in

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Coffee in the garden

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds as they will decompose if you put them into your compost heap. They can also be sprinkled on the soil to deter ants, snails, slugs and cats. Place them around acid loving plants like

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