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Trees with aggressive roots

All ‘Acacia’ now Senegalia and Vachellia species – Thorn Trees Breonadia salicina – Matumi Bridelia micrantha – Mitzeeri Buddleja salvifolia – Sage Bush Cussonia paniculata – Highveld Cabbage Tree Cussonia spicate – Lowveld Cabbage Tree Erythrina latissima – Broad –

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Bats in the garden

There are 56 bat species in South Africa and they are either insectivorous and eat mosquitoes, moths and beetles so do leave a dead tree in the garden which will attract insects. Fruit eaters and nectar feeders help with pollination

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Stunning pot planting

To achieve a pot that is a show stopper, choose a plant that is a THRILLER. This is an eye catching plant that draws one’s attention.It is the tallest plant in the pot. Then one needs a FILLER which will

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Tall indigenous trees

TALL TREES Acacia sieberiana – large and fast, deciduous Acacia xanthophloea –large and fast, deciduous Acacia galpinii and Acacia karoo – up to 10m Celtis Africana – white stinkwood – deciduous- up to 25m Harpephyllum caffrum –  wild plum evergreen

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Vinegar in the garden

1. Mix half a cup of vinegar, quarter cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon syrup and 1 cup of water. Place in containers to attract flies which then drown in the liquid. 2. Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and

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Indigenous Plants for Tortoise food.

Barlaria obtusa – Bush Violet Berula erecta – Water Parsnip Bulbine natalensis – Broad Leaved Bulbine Chlorophytum comosum ‘vittatum’ – Hen & Chicks Cotyledon orbiculata – Pig’s Ear Eriocephalus africanus – Wild Rosemary Gazania krebsiana – Terracotta Gazania Geranium Gerbera

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Seed Bombs

Now is the time to start preparing your seed bombs. Take 2 parts of compost and 1 part of clay and your chosen seeds. I would choose a mix of water wise, colourful shrubs and ground covers to brighten up

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