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Shady Vertical garden using water loving plants

Vertical Garden in the shade for water loving  plants Ferns Adiantum cappillus-veneris Cyrtomium falcatum Pteris vittata Height Zantedescia aethiopica Cyperus prolifera Fillers and “spillers” Aptemia cordifolia Asystasia gangetica Falckia repens Isolepsis cenua Selaginella kraussiana

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Water for the birds

Having birds visit your garden is a joy. Do provide them with a birdbath or a water feature in which then can bath and drink and keep the pump set on slow. It’s fun to keep a list of the

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Don’t waste the water!

When you have boiled your veggies, don’t throw that water down the drain. Leave it to cool then use it ti water your plants. They will benefit from the added vitamins.

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